Inyo County March 2017  

Inyo County is home to a number of renewable energy resources and projects, the largest of which is the Coso Geothermal Plant at Coso Hot Springs, a resource that is on the National Register of Historic Places. Inyo County’s General Plan and Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment designate solar energy development areas on private lands within the county and establish standards and processes for projects that are seeking county approval.

Inyo County applied for and received two Renewable Energy Conservation Planning Grants from the California Energy Commission totaling $1.1 million. The first grant of $700,000 helped update a previously rescinded Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment (approved March 24, 2015), including the preparation of the corresponding Environmental Impact Report. The second grant of $400,000 was used to complete a detailed planning effort covering the Owens Valley and Owens Lake area.

See the Inyo County Renewable Energy Fact Sheet and refer to the documents below to learn more about county plans and policies being used to guide local renewable energy development.

County Planning and Renewable Energy Resources

Renewable Energy Conservation Planning Grants

Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

State Renewable Energy Information and Data