Los Angeles County March 2017  

Los Angeles County has the largest amount of distributed generation capacity of any county in California. The world’s largest solar photovoltaic installations, the 579 megawatt (MW) Solar Star Projects, are being built on lands in Los Angeles and Kern County. The county’s 2035 General Plan and recently approved Renewable Energy Ordinance (REO) are meant to guide the future development of renewable energy projects within unincorporated Los Angeles County.

The county applied for and received a Renewable Energy Conservation Planning Grants totaling $518,398 from the Energy Commission, which it used to support the development of its Renewable Energy Ordinance and corresponding Environmental Impact Report for its unincorporated areas.

See the Los Angeles County Renewable Energy Fact Sheet and refer to the documents below to learn more about county plans and policies being used to guide local renewable energy development.

County Planning and Renewable Energy Resources

Renewable Energy Conservation Planning Grants


State Renewable Energy Information and Data